How it Works

WorkFlow of the ConnectBud APP

  • Mentors can set the charges per minute under "Payment & History" --> "Price".
  • When an Aspirant searches for mentors, he will get a list of mentors, each mentor will have information about him as well as the charges per minute.
  • Aspirants selects the Mentor for 1-1 voice call.
  • The amount of time the Mentor talks to the aspirant, the aspirant will be charged on bases of the amount set by Mentor.
  • After the call, Mentor's balance shows the amount of money that is charged to Aspirant.
  • The Aspirant can raise a dispute in 12 hours of the call done, about the advice received.
  • After 12 hours, the money can be claimed by the Mentor.
  • As soon the Mentor clicks on the Claim button(Payments & History--> Balance). In 24 hours, after deducting the ConnectBud surcharges, the money is transferred to the Mentor.
  • Current ConnectBud Surcharges are 35%(~30% goes to In-App Purchases from Apple)

Mentor Rewards

  • Paypal account set in the Account(Payments & History --> Accounts".
  • Charity: If you want to do Charity, we can send the money earned to the charity of your choice.
  • Amazon gift card: We can also send money in form of Amazon gift card.

In Case of Dispute

After dispute is raised by Aspirant, an email is send "To: Mentor cc: Aspirant" for confirming the dispute and if the Mentor agrees, the money is credited back to the Aspirant.

Display their FAQs

If you have any queries or concerns, please send email to

We will revert back to you in next 24 hours.